Locally known as Druk-Yul or "Land of the Thunder Dragon", Bhutan lies along the haughty ridges of the Eastern Himalayas, bordered by Tibet in the North and by India to the South, East and West. It is perhaps the most fascinating of the Himalayan kingdoms. Bhutans scenery is magnificent; monasteries hanging over steep drops which are often wreathed in mist, unspoiled forests, fertile valleys, and high rugged mountain passes - all of which make Bhutan a speckled and exhilarating destination.
The tour will begin with your arrival into Delhi; the political capital of India - city of varied contrasts. Explore the historical marvels and their magnificence. Discover one of the Worlds most untouched and remote destinations - Bhutan. Visiting Paro and Thimpu, you will gain an insight into the religion, culture and everyday life of this magical kingdom where life revolves around the monasteries and dzongs. This tour is ideal for the first-time visitor to Bhutan, taking in all of the highlights at a relaxed pace.
Starting at Drukgyel Dzong, Paro this trek passes through scattered hamlets and farmland into a deep and richly forested valley, which leads to a high alpine pastureland where yak herders graze their animals. The trek offers a taste of the great variety of Bhutanese landscape.
Discover one of the Worlds most untouched and remote destinations - Bhutan. The guests will have an opportunity to enjoy the delight of a stunning natural beauty, exotic monasteries, charming wooden houses, arts, crafts and, of course, oodles of happiness. This tour is ideal for the visitor who wants to see Bhutan at a relaxed pace.
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